About Sahyog- The Helping Hand

Sahyog- The Helping Hand is an NGO dedicated to the cause of bringing about access to education and opportunities to the poor and economically backward sections of society.Our movement has gathered a lot of support from like minded people and intellectuals who dream of decreasing the class divide.

Sahyog NGO provides education to poor children and women so they they in turn can teach their future generations and form well educated families.Education is the biggest enabler and as such, is one of our prime focus areas.

We also organize annual camps where children from all sections of the society come together and learn interesting skills.

Bambi by Sahyog NGO is a Library which we have formed and is majorly aimed at adult education.

A large population of our country, almost 65 million to be precise, live in slums of Delhi and Mumbai. They are prone to diseases because of  poor sanitation and hygiene. Sahyog NGO helps them get proper health care and hygiene facilities .

Poverty alleviation is also one of our focus areas and we plan to dedicate as much effort to it as much as possible.Our vision is to enable children dream of better lives and ultimately lead better lives and not be hampered by  lack of money .

Our volunteers regularly distribute clothing material around slums in Delhi so help the poor. We also regularly organize reskilling drives to allow the poor to make a living.

Our community drives see large participation from people to clean up their surroundings as part of our Prime Minister’s vision of a clean India.

Sahyog NGO a long way to go, but your support will provide us the necessary encouragement to deal with all the challenges we  face in realizing our dreams.