About us РSahyog the helping hand is an organization dedicated to providing access to education and oppurtunities to the poor and the underprivileged by  helping them with access to better educational oppurtunities, better healthcare facilities and livelihood options .

We are a small team of individuals belonging to various strata of society brought together by a common goal of serving it. Our members are a driven and motivated lot who aim to collectively alleviate poverty .

We strive to bring smile and happiness to the lives of people who have otherwise been left out. We cherish our efforts and stay like a family through thick and thin.

So far we have Children go to school , Teach elderly women basic things so that they can impart knowledge to their loved ones, teach them various trades so that they can find their own means of livelihood and sustain themselves economically on their own.

We have provided homeless people with temporary shelters and also given them winter clothing.

We provide poor people clothing items .The unique thing about us is that it is wholly csr sustained.

Another unique thing about us is that all our efforts are the result of a dream which we all share, that of a economically strong india devoid of poverty, illiteracy and misfortune. Our people should be able to dream for a better future. We take a step towards helping them with the same.