Education is the bedrock of a strong and civil society that is capable of functioning efficiently, both economically and professionally. It is the basic right of every individual to get quality education.

Bambi is a unique effort from us towards the cause elderly women education who were otherwise left out. Since they cannot go back to school due to family obligations, they are allowed a similar learning atmosphere where we take a holistic learning approach by imparting them all the necessary education that they might have missed out on.

Unfortunately, A lot of people miss out on early and secondary education, especially women. This leads to a continuous cycle of intellectual darkness, which further hampers their chances of economic upliftment.

We are flexible with our teaching methodology, which allows them to learn them at their own pace.This gives them confidence to face challenges out in the open as also impart knowledge to their children. Since mother is the first school for a child.

We have a well stocked library with crowdsourced books of all types and genres, ranging from Literature to maths and sciences.

Bambi has some of the best teachers , including guest faculty from IIT.All of them are highly accomplished in their professional careers and have a sound understanding of a learners’ psychology.

Bambi has a dedicated learning centre with definite class timings to imitate a class so that they enjoy the whole learning process.

Bambi integrates education from all the classes into a common repository, and divides it chunks of small goals to be accomplished over a certain specified period of time.

Some of our highlights from the regular Bambi classes can be found on the youtube videos with the same name.They give a glimpse of what it’s like to be in one of the classes.

Bambi is a solid approach towards women empowerment that is the basis of a well functioning society.

Spread the word around you and if interested, you can also refer such women to come join Bambi.

A learner at Bambi