Health Camps

Health and Hygiene being one of the most impacting problem of all types slums, has been a key participant in the developmental projects of our society. Slums are in general very prone to adopt an unhealthy lifestyle due to a variety of reasons which may be listed or not listed in conventional metrics, such as, livelihood and daily activities near large and open sewer systems. Continuous exposure to such surrounding has been resulting in many chronic and eventually fatal illnesses. Due to reasons such as unhealthy food habit, low sanitary hygiene, low domestic hygiene, close proximity to garbage dumps, pollution, etc. has made them accustomed to live in such filthy and unhealthy lifestyle. The solution to this perpetual problems is not just qualitative but also quantitative in one or many ways.

We at SAHYOG – The helping hand, aim to identify the most influential reasons through surveys and studies to develop a theory with the qualitative and statistical database on the existing issues and inferentially solve the problem. With the help of an excellent set of people in our team including all the leaders and volunteers under the guidance of our mentors are consistently evaluating for the same.


  1. We have been surveying each and every households for understanding the basic health problems and accordingly give immediate solutions.
  2. The survey data and interactions will help us understand the problems and their basic numbers in a typical set up of slum which we will be using to expand to other slums and implement solutions.
  3. We will be opening a health facilitating center to continuously organize health awareness programs on all the basic health related issues.
  4. The health center will also be hosting doctors from many reputed hospitals such as AIIMS, RML, etc. to provide basic check-ups and medicines.
  5. The health center will be installed with all the basic equipment required to run a medical clinic. Other than equipment, it will be managing an inventory of a good range of medicines under the guidance of skilled chemists and doctors for conventional illnesses such as fever, flu, etc.
  6. Through our health centers we plan to educate our kids at an early age about the importance of health and hygiene. We will be able to achieve this through a very well connected curriculum of our educational hub “BAMBI” which is a specially designed library for the kids living in slums.
  7. We will enable the women of the slum to boldly understand the importance of menstruation hygiene, which in general is ignored. This will be accomplished through an extensive plan with renowned female doctors from listed hospitals. This is necessary to break the taboo of menstruations which still persist in the slums.
  8. A major campaign will be to drive an awareness of sex related taboos and lack of knowledge on STDs and use of measures to cure or avoid them. We will also provide awareness of family planning and measures to attain it. This again will be completed through a one on one interaction with the doctors. We will also organize sessions on related topics at the health center.
  9. We plan to organize regular camps such as, blood donation camps, malaria and dengue check-up camps, blood test camps, camps especially to help the elderly in the slums, children specific camps, female specific camps, etc.
  10. The health centers will be connected to our other hubs such viz. BAMBI and HUNARSHALA to guarantee a smooth communication channel to the people. This in turn will be connected to all our other slums which we plan to adopt in near future.


In summary, we will be opening many such health hubs across the slums we are operating in and those we are going to adopt in near future. The health center will be a key point in our network and do all necessary actions to develop a clean and healthy slum keeping in mind all the related concerns such as infrastructure, lifestyle, population, etc.