While spending time with people of Saraswati Camp at BAMBI, we have observed that the ladies are very much keen to learn new things for which they don’t have opportunity to learn during their early Years. Their interest and Confidence for learning new things inspired us to start our New Project “Hunarshala”.
Through this project we aim to empower Girls and Ladies. By acquiring new skills & knowledge they can earn money and this will help them  contribute to the economic growth of the country.
This project will take place in different phases. In 1st Phase of skill development we have thought of providing skills related to Candle light Making along with basic decorative items for the festive session to nearly 30 women.
If the ladies are going to learn this skill from outside then they may have to pay fee ranging form 1000-5000 depending upon the institution. In addition to this they have to bear the materials cost also which will be around 2000-3000 for basic course (level 1). Here we will be providing them all the raw materials for free of cost and there will be no training fee. So without investing a single penny they will be able to learn the skill set which could help them earn  money.
Even if they learn this skill set from outside they don’t get any assistance in executing the Idea properly and where and how to generate revenue from it.
So post training we will help them know when and how they can generate a source of income  from the acquired skill set.
We will train them in a manner so that they can demonstrate the product  properly and can communicate with the prospective customer efficiently.
1st phase of skill development program is divided in to 5 parts.
  • Training: Sharing knowledge about required raw material, technical aspect and design.
  • Practical: hands on experience in making 3-4 kinds of candles, wall hangings, bags etc.
  • Presentation: To enhance the quality of the finished goods. we will train them in Packaging skill, product description, costing etc.
  • Exhibition: at different places to build their confidence.
  • Certificate Distribution.