Our Vision- To empower and uplift the poor from the shackles of poverty and hopelessness and to bring joy and smile to their faces.

India is the country with highest amounts of child labourers and slavery is rampant. It is such a shame that after so many years of gaining independence, we still have such drastic figures.

Our Vision to allow the children go back to school and set them free from child labour and slavery.We provide children with basic education and help them secure education while they can.

India also has the largest amount of people living in slums in urban areas. Our Vision is to provide them the necessary means to improve healthcare and be disease free. Most of the slum dwellers have a very low sense of hygiene due to drastically low sense of living conditions around them. we educate them about the benefits staying hygienic and the necessary measures to be taken to do the same.

Our Vision is to educate and skill women to be empowered and confident to successfully generate employment on their own through initiatives such as Bambi and Hunarshala .

Our Vision is to constantly strive to improve our localities by improving public spaces, creating recreational avenues such gyms, sports grounds etc within the confines of government rules and regulations without disturbing them.

We stay committed to our cause of upliftment of poor and economically deprived by facilitating their integration into society.

We crave the feedback of people and so, our community participation drives are part of our vision of constantly increasing public participation and spreading awareness towards such causes and poverty alleviation, women empowerment etc.

Lastly our vision is overall positive transformation of society towards better and move inclusive growth of all the individuals it is composed of, regardless of their economic or social status in terms of caste, creed, sex etc.



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Sahyog- Vision
Sahyog- Vision